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Theresa Ferguson is fairly new to the Pirtek Family. She joined us in September of 2016.

Theresa comes from a business background, having studied at Wits University. Her very special role at Pirtek is Business Analysis & Development, as well as ISO.

On a personal note, Theresa has been happily married to Ross for 7 years and they both love nothing more than playing and spending time with their two adorable boys.

Theresa is celebrating her birthday today, so we would like to wish her a big Happy Birthday from all of us at Pirtek.

We look forward to celebrating many happy Pirtek years and birthdays with Theresa!


Pirtek SA is pleased to announce it has been approved by ISOQAR for ISO 9001:2015

Pirtek’s ISO compliance ensures standardisation throughout all hydraulic hose supply within our system.

Utilising ISO helps Pirtek to ensure our customers get consistent, good quality products and services when it comes to hydraulic hose and fittings supply.


Pirtek Secunda are pleased to announce they have officially moved into new premises in 4 Carolus Street, Trichardt, Mpumalanga.

The new space is a much larger facility to accommodate their stock of hydraulic hoses and fittings, industrial hoses, hydraulic adaptors and other hydraulic components. Additionally they now have a rebuild yard where they can do re-builds and refurbishments of client’s equipment.

The building is only 100m from their previous shop so it wasn’t far to move their stocks of hydraulic and industrial hose.

This move will broaden the capabilities and supply opportunities of Pirtek Secunda and will enhance their reputation as a premier hydraulic hose supplier in the Secunda region.

24hr Contact Details and phone numbers are below:

P: +27 (0) 17 638 1613/638 0356/ 638 0261 C: +27 (0) 83 651 4938
/+27 (0)83 609 9554

Photos to follow soon!

Why Buying Cheap Hoses Could Cost your Company in the Long Run

Cheaply produced pressure hoses can fail after very little use. It is therefore important that you invest in the best possible options for your machinery – in order to avoid mechanical failure and unnecessary costs associated with maintenance and repair. The following piece will take a closer look at why purchasing cheap pressure hoses can cost your business in the long run.

Damaged hoses can essentially lead to mechanical failure

Machinery and equipment which makes use of industrial hoses and hydraulic hoses rely on these fluid transfer vessels in order to operate optimally. The premature failure of these hoses can lead to the mechanical failure of your equipment, leading to massive costs down the line. Investing in quality Pirtek hoses can increase the longevity of your machinery and equipment, thus saving you time and money, while keeping productivity up.

Purchasing a hose that isn’t specifically designed to work in certain conditions can prove quite detrimental

Cheap, low quality hoses are often not designed to work under certain conditions. For example, a hose that is constantly exposed to high temperatures will need to be specifically engineered to perform under those conditions. If not, then such items will, in all likelihood, not last very long compared to reputable counterparts. Failure can cause machine damage and possibly even lead to injuries or fatalities. Pirtek is a supplier that stocks a vast range of hoses, all designed for specific applications and operating conditions.

Contact the team at Pirtek today to learn more about our extensive selection of pressure hoses.

Need to sharpen your hose assembly skills?

Become the mastermind of hose assembling by attending our in-house and onsite training courses.

Pirtek Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), registered by Manufacturing Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authorities (merSETA) to provide nationally recognized qualifications.

Pirtek’s training packages are among the first in our industry to be nationally recognized.

Nationally recognized training is your assurance of quality and proof of the competence of our service technicians and hose assemblers. Hose-making competency modules are available for our valued customers. We are able to deliver and assess customers’ staff members to complete this nationally recognized training to obtain a certificate of attainment.

Upon completion of our programs, you’ll be able to understand the construction of hoses, the standards used in hose, how construction affects performance and troubleshooting failures.

Feel free to contact us for more info regarding upcoming courses.  Tel No: +27 (0) 861 PIRTEK (747835) or info@pirtek.co.za

Importance of the Pirtek hose tagging system

The Pirtek hose tagging system keeps track of all hoses supplied by each centre. This is a unique method of marking our hoses for easy tracking and identification. Each year our tags are represented by a different colour scheme and marked with the year of manufacture. Down time and inventory maintenance can be reduced because each hose will reflect the original supplier details and the parts used to create it.

The benefits of hose tagging are:

  • To ensure that the hoses are easily identified
  • Assembly details are easily accessible
  • Controlled inventory and maintenance
  • Supplier accountability in the event that a hose failed
  • Ability to preschedule maintenance to avoid downtime

The hose tagging system is a management tool which will improve the life cycle of your hoses through regular maintenance.   Tags should never be removed from the hoses as it will affect the condition of the warranty on the hose.

How to complete a hose tag:


1. Pirtek Logo at the top

2. Contact number of the originating Pirtek Centre

3. Year of manufacture

4. Enter the Hose Type

5. Enter the End Fitting A

6. Enter the End Fitting B

7. Over-all length of the hose

8. From left to right: Month of manufacture; End Fitting Orientation; Operator Number


So, ensure that your hoses are tagged in order to enjoy the freedom of free flowing production!


For more info on hose tagging system or any of our other products and services, feel free to contact us on +27 (0) 861 PIRTEK (747835) or info@pirtek.co.za.

How Pirtek compares when it comes to customer service excellence

How Pirtek compares when it comes to customer service excellence

For many years, Pirtek has proved that in our line of business, it’s not just about achieving our profit margins but it all boils down to providing outstanding customer service and product satisfaction to our target market. This is backed by our extensive product offering and the professional support of our qualified staff. This is why we always aim higher than expectations.  Now we ask, why settle for less when you can discover a whole new dimension when it comes to fluid transfer solutions.

The implementation of our franchise network has helped us reach many areas thus ensuring that you can always rely on our accessibility at any given time or day.  Our MSST (Mobile Sales and Service Technician) team together with our equipped mobile units will ensure that production is not lost by providing you with the quickest response time.  Our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) division targets the bulk supplying of our products within various industries.

  • Caring for our customers
  • Unlimited support to ensure a best solution is provided
  • Supply and demand focused to improve on customer services
  • Time management- because quick response will reduce down time
  • Organised tools and equipment by means of our equipped mobile units
  • Meticulous attention to details when it comes to investigation of a problem in order to provide with the correct solution
  • Exceptional staff training
  • Rapid response time

Pirtek offers a comprehensive range of fluid transfer solutions, products & services to industries including Mining & Quarrying, Manufacturing, Materials Handling, Agriculture, Transport & Logistics, Utilities, Rail, Construction & Plant Hire, Marine, Environmental Services, and Defense.

Contact us to experience our outstanding service and for further info. Contact details:  +27 (0) 861 PIRTEK (747835) or info@pirtek.co.za.

The benefits of a Pirtek Franchise

Do you dream of being financially independent and running your own company?  Do you have passion for people?  Are you an entrepreneur in the making?


Then a Pirtek Franchise is the solution for you!  A franchise can be lucrative if approached with a passion for business and customer satisfaction. The Pirtek Franchise network provides customers with a top quality product and superior service. The Pirtek Franchisee provides a fluid transfer solution by establishing a Service and Supply Centre together with 24/7 Mobile Service Units.

Pirtek supplies hydraulic and industrial hoses to various industries and OEM manufacturers.

Pirtek was recently ranked 64th on the global franchise systems list!


The Pirtek Service and Supply Centre is an overall package which consists of a walk-in centre, workshop for hose assembling, warehouse facility and an administration office. The Pirtek Mobile Service Unit is a fully equipped mobile service vehicle which operates on a 24/7 basis.

All Pirtek franchises carry the same motto of providing superior service for “Fluid Transfer Solutions”. Franchisees will receive assistance in terms of financial administration; accounting; marketing and IT support.


We are a fully registered member of FASA and ISO9001:2008 accredited.  Our qualified trainers will also provide you with MerSETA accredited Hose Assembly and product training.

Our experienced consultants await your call, make the right choice and invest today. Contact us on +27 (0) 861 PIRTEK (747835) or info@pirtek.co.za for more info.

What are Pirtek Class products ?

The Pirtek Class Hose range is the latest technology product available. It is based on isobaric class system allowing the working pressure to remain constant, with the construction method adapting with the size. With a matched range of fittings, fewer products cover a broader range of applications. Hydraulic hoses are colour coded for easy identification. Four pressure classes are available.

Features of Class Hose

• New age technology

• Abrasion resistant cover

• Flame retardant cover with FRAS/MSHA approval

• Suitable for oil temperature up to 120˚C continuous

• High flexibility

• Performance exceeds JIS and SAE standards

• Isobaric Class Range – 210 BAR, 250 BAR, 350 BAR, 420 BAR

• Lloyds, DNV & ABS Certified


The hydraulic hose fittings for the Class range of hoses are non-skive couplings. The hose tails are ‘one piece’ in both uses of the term. The end fitting tail insert and ferrule comes as a pre-crimped assembly and the end fitting inserts are of solid one piece construction made from a single piece of bar with no welding.

Features of Class Fittings

• Hose Fittings are a one piece construction made from a single piece of bar with no


• The hose tail and ferrule come as a pre crimped assembly

• Easy identification with hose size identified on the ferrule

• Suits wide application use • Full non-skive solution for braided and 4 wire multi spiral hoses up to 1 inch

• Simplified part numbering system

• CR6 Free – Environmentally friendly

• Available in Stainless Steel

Replacing hydraulic hoses require expert advice and tremendous caution

Repairing and handling hydraulic hoses require tremendous caution and experience.  Always take extra precautions and use the appropriate tools to handle hydraulic hoses. Due to the excessive pressure when hydraulic hoses are under pressure, serious personal harm can be caused if handled incorrectly and or irreparable damage to your equipment.


Some of the precautions to be taken when handling hoses:

  • Only qualified technicians should handle hydraulic hoses.
  • Use the right tools and protective gear.
  • Always inspect your equipment before attempting to replace the hose.
  • Release the pressure within the system before attempting to remove a hose.
  • Damaged hose cannot be repaired but must be replaced.
  • Hoses must be replaced with an equal or higher pressure rating.


Pirtek has a fleet of mobile units capable of producing hose assemblies onsite. Our qualified Pirtek MSST (Mobile Service and Sales Technicians) undergo regular training. Pirtek is MERSETA certified training organisation. Pirtek products are manufactured to the highest international standards. Reduce down time by contacting Pirtek’s mobile service today.


If you would like to learn more about our hydraulic hose maintenance and replacement programs, contact Pirtek Southern Africa today.