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Pirtek Hoses

Pirtek only partners with manufacturer’s who ensure the product is of the highest standard. Bridgestone and IVG are our main hose supply partners.

In various areas of building, construction, mining, agriculture, transportation, food and other markets, where hydraulic and industrial hose is required our quality products meet and exceed all industry standards.

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  • Wire reinforced hose
    • 1 wire
    • 2 wire
    • Multi-spiral
  • Suction hoses
  • Hi-Temp hoses
  • Jet wash hose
  • High pressure jacking
  • High pressure water hoses


  • Multipurpose
  • Air and water
  • Steam
  • Oil & Chemicals
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hot air


  • General purpose
  • Forklift
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Non-conductive
  • Extreme pressure –jacks and rescue equipment
  • Other

Pirtek One Piece Fittings

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World Class fittings supplied by Intertraco

Pirtek has a wide range that includes the supply of one-piece fittings that are superior in quality and reduce the chance of incorrect selection. Non skive wire braid and multi-spiral options are available.

  • One Piece fittings
    • Easy identification: Zero chance of connecting two incompatible components together
    • Easier stock management
    • Full non-skive solution for braided and 4 wire multi-spiral hoses up to 1 inch
    • No weld points
  • Double hex –
    • Aids ease of installation
    • Reduces the risk of hose twisting
  • Hydraulic tube couplings
  • Tube and pipe supports

Pirtek Adaptors

Adaptors allow for the connecting of hose assemblies to different components in a systematic and efficient way. Pirtek sells over 2000 different adaptors.

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